anima noun  an·i·ma  \ˈa-nə-mə\:  an individual's true inner self that in the analytic psychology of C. G. Jung reflects archetypal ideals of conduct

Anima Artist Management LLC is an independent electronic music management and consulting company based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Anima is not a traditional company, it is a platform that operates as a collective. Our name defines the mission of our artists' music. They specialize in utilizing artistic elements that are often overlooked in their traditional styles of music.

Anima Recordings is an independent record label for releases by Anima Artists and their collaborators. No Anima Artist is exclusively signed to Anima Recordings.


CAndelaria Alvarado, Founder

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Candelaria Alvarado, comes from a diverse professional background in arts administration and marketing, music composition, performance, and audio engineering. In addition to Anima Artist Management, Candelaria works as the North American Booking Associate at International Music Network, one the the most respected boutique agencies in Jazz and World Music. Previously, she held a highly versatile booking role for the Musical Instrument Museum's MIM Music Theater, is the former Head of Special projects for Momentum Artists, and has worked as a Marketing/Media Consultant for various companies and artists, most recently, Aaron Goldberg and Ravenscroft Pianos. In her spare time she contributes institutional development efforts to various non-profit organizations and produces music as Arietta. She holds a BA in Contemporary Music with a focus in Electroacoustic Composition from Santa Fe University of Art and Design and pursued extensive graduate studies in Ethnomusicology/Non-Profit Development at Arizona State University.

Logan Rasmussen, In-House Editor


For Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen, his longterm obsession with music came in the form of his first turn-table. Although he has always taken the role of audience member, Logan has made his passion in music to match his ambitions in the world of writing by working with artists and crossing genres. After graduating Arizona State University, Logan found his home at Anima Artist Management as their In-House Editor where he works closely with the collective in pushing out the finest written product possible. He has produced written works and articles for the likes of Relentless Beats, ThatDrop.com, The Texas Sports Review, and many more as the list keeps growing. Check out his writings at loganjlr.wordpress.com!