Sean Raya Presents Pyramids Podcast Featuring Frankie Bones / by Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen

On November 15th, the father of the American rave scene, Frankie Bones, will be playing a full techno set on Pyramids Podcast hosted by Sean Raya. Frankie is best known for his work in pioneering the underground music scene with a series of illegal parties known as “STORMRave” in New York City and developing the face of electronic music which influenced the way DJs create and perform their work today. Before his entrance into the music world, Frankie Bones and his brother, Adam X, were also the same graffiti artists who created the “Peace Love Unity Movement” during a time when the city faced a large level of crime and violence. The movement later evolved into the well-known community mantra, “Peace, Love, Unity, Respect,” when Bones publicly spoke out against the violence he saw at a set he performed at in 1993.

While Frankie Bones is primarily known for presenting himself as the cultural powerhouse who developed the underground rave scene from its humble beginnings, one of his most notable music successes comes from his 1989 single, “Call It Techno.” The track became a cult classic in Germany and cemented him as the first American DJ to achieve large cross-over success in the U.K. and beyond.  In honor of the track’s past success and influence, Frankie released a brand new E.P. which reworks the original track and features two new remixes from Carlo Lio and Raito.

His upcoming Techno set on Pyramids Podcast will be an incredible honor for the show and listeners alike when Bones takes his place behind the boards and gives a proper example of what it means to play a techno set.  Frankie Bones’ set will begin at 2 PM EST / 11 AM PST  on Pyramids Podcast presented by Sean Raya, on Diesel.FM’s Techno channel. The podcast will be available on platforms such as ITunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud 24 hours after its airdate.

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