Anima Potpourri Party Playlist / by Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen


Once a week we will be posting lists of tunes we think should be on your everyday playlist. We will be showcasing all artists, from those right at home in Anima, to everything from the popular to obscure. Check out the links below for a blast of fresh air:

Arietta - In The Air (WYGHT Remix) 

Sonofawhatsherface - Transcendent

Leandro De Silva & Gary Chaos - Cafe (Jack of Diamonds ReRub)

Reflectis Indexia Featuring Judy Garland - Promise Land / Get Happy

GRiZ & Big Gigantic - Good Times Roll (Ephwurd Remix

Jam out to these five tracks as a meager appetizer, and stay tuned for next week when we lay ten new tracks that you absolutely need on your everyday playlists.