Johnlukeirl Releases Psychotic Mix and Experimental Minimalist Track / by Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen


For the past few weeks, Anima’s own Johnlukeirl has been busy in the studio crafting some juicy riffs. Known for his eclectic style of combining not-oft-heard sounds with heavy Juke elements, these two new tracks capture the controlled chaos he is known for.

LIT8 is a welcome return to form as energetic, pounding percussion fades in and out with a slew of samples in this 28:18 - length mix. What makes this track especially exciting, is the careful balance between chaos and melody. Mixed with organic sounds only a Hollywood sound engineer could access, Johnlukeirl solidifies LIT8 into his catalog. By the end of the mix, you are treated to a hyphy set of sounds that make you question how all those sounds came together.

Next on the menu, Johnlukeirl has a little experiment called “Holly - Demo 1949 (JOHNLUKEIRL Battle Remix). After being exposed to a plethora of sound in the first track we featured, Holly is a musical test in minimalism that delivers just enough punch, reminiscient of a Sega Genesis game soundtrack. Holly takes you to the next level as you sit back and absorb a bare-bones mix that contains more surprises than you might think.

Check out the links above and listen to both of the tracks now!