Arietta Releases Introspective "Turn Of Fate" (Summer Liquid Mix) / by Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen

Inspiration can become reality at the tip of a hat, or sometimes can much slower and arduous process. In drum + bass maven Arietta’s case, a rush of emotion and looking back over one’s shoulder can create enough material for a new DJ mix. If you’ve been keeping up with the mistress behind the boards, Arietta’s style and recent tracks have evolved to a point where most artists hope to venture sonically.

Arietta gets intensely introspective and personal with her newly released 40 minute mix she unexpectedly stayed up, on a singular night making. Almost like a personal “greatest hits” of life, the artist herself compiled every track she felt the need to “let go” of in the past year, and completely analyze what has transpired in the current stage of her life. In her own words, she believes the only way to reconcile her emotions with these tracks was to do a proper farewell in an unplanned mix.


The “Turn of Fate” Summer Liquid Mix is Arietta on the raw, and certainly contains emotional brevity for any listener who has followed her work. Unlike her usual meticulous stylings, this mix highlights an impromptu attitude that contains imperfections that only contribute to the humanity of the set. Arietta’s approach to this mix comes off as a much more ambient and softer side that isn’t always found in her “harder” sets.

“Turn of Fate” marks an important moment in her catalog as the present meets the past, and is a proper send-off to everything that has culminated into her career up to this point. As chaotic as the sounds can get, Arietta is the anchor holding the mixes together and truly delivers a set with history and soul.

Check out the mix through the link above.