RESIST VOL 2: In the Air with Arietta is OUT! / by Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen

In the second installment of Anima Artist Management’s releases otherwise known as The RESIST Project, Arietta presents her powerhouse collection of tracks for her E.P. dedicated to the troubling acts of discrimination in all forms, all around the globe. The “In the Air” E.P. will feature a slew of accomplished artists ranging from those at home with Anima and some exciting surprise appearances.

Although Arietta is known for her meticulous musings in the world of Drum and Bass, Binary Hertz and WYGHT from Anima will be delivering some of their best work yet from the world of house, and dark techno. Surprising guest appearances on the E.P. show WB x MB flexing their seasoned Dubstep gains, while other guest spots occupied by the diverse multi-genre Jersey Trap maven Matalo and full-time bassist aficionado, Kaveh Rastegar, who shares credits with the likes of Sia, John Legend, Kneebody, and his own entire merits that keep the virtuoso-vibes flowing. 

Don’t worry on missing out on your usual Drum and Bass fix, because almost every track contains left-over stylings from Arietta herself. Each artist is giving their take on a musically complex piece of work that visits each of the genres mentioned above. While the term “discrimination” may have a tone of generality, the RESIST Project is using this E.P to highlight a topic very close to Arietta’s heart, and to bring focus to minority groups, individuals, and life stories that have ever stood in the face of adversity; be that race, sexuality, gender-identity, religious, or minority status.

“In the Air,” as a work for music stands for something bigger, and the RESIST Project is encouraging you to stand up to those who disparage others based on the elements above. If we can “resist” the elements of oppression that pit us against each-other globally, we can come together as a stronger community, and take one step closer to living side-by-side. 

Check out the new E.P. on Soundcloud and get your own copy on Beatport!