Arietta Debuts BASS Movement: RISE with Frankie Bones / by Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen


Although we always recognize Arietta for her large contributions to the Drum + Bass scene, she has been hard at work building a following of listeners with her Junglist Radio segment, BASS Movement with Arietta.

While her current show highlights the contributions of local artists to the scene, Arietta will be launching a new segment entitled, “BASS Movement: Rise.” “Rise” will focus on a slew of international DJs who have made their cultural impact on various genres in the world of electronic music undeniable. .

On Sunday, August 26th, the “Godfather of the American Rave scene” known as Frankie Bones will be making his debut appearance on the brand new radio show. While Frankie tackled genres like techno, house, and breakbeat in the past, Bones will be throwing all normal conventions aside by performing an exclusive Drum + Bass set. This will be a huge surprise for fans who are used to his other material, as his impact on the electronic scene has spanned over three decades. While D+B might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think “Frankie Bones,” there is no question that the experience will be unique for fans and himself alike.

Pictured: Arietta & DJ Sluggo

Pictured: Arietta & DJ Sluggo

Aside from Frankie Bones, Arietta will be inviting DJ Sluggo to the boards next episode as he shows us why he’s one of the most respected faces in the Dubstep scene. Arietta and Sluggo definitely go back, and are known for “tag teaming” during her sets. It will be both an exciting moment in music, but also for the two DJs as they reconnect over the good ole days.

BASS Movement: RISE will be making its debut on August 27th, from 3 PM to 6 PM. Check out the event page when the show goes live; RISE is surely going to be a musical smackdown you won’t want to miss!