paradox-style of self-contained chaos

For John Luke, AKA Johnlukeirl, his artistic growth has not only been arriving to the scene in full-speed, but has been taking no prisoners with his eclectic approach to Juke-inspired beats and eclectic stylings that attack every bit of the audience's senses.

From transitioning from his former moniker (DJ Clap), Johnlukeirl is known an almost-unclassifiable artist packed with a rainforest of sound. His more popular works like “Achieve Ur Dreamz” and the Vandalism EP off of Daedelus' Magical Properties label are not only known for their influences that derive from the past of electronic to the present, but capture a sort of controlled chaos only found by an artist that truly knows the soul of their style. At the height of his creativity, he not only takes clever riffs mixed with seldom-used sound-effects to make an aurally engaging interactive experience for his audiences, but displays the humanity in himself and his own inspirations from tracks that have meticulous detail.