Sean Raya's EP released through the Reload Black FMLY by candelaria alvarado

For Immediate Release 06/26/17

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Sean Raya’s eclectic E.P. has just been released through the Reload Black FMLY label. Reload Black FMLY is an imprint within The Yellowheads’ larger label, “Reload Records,” known for pushing out only the most eclectic sounds within the techno world, with works handpicked by the duo themselves. Sean Raya’s fresh E.P. is packed with twists and turns that range from techno grooves, blended with diversified underground club stylings. From the dreamy club-requiem “Pipedreams,” other tracks like “RAF” and “Ortega” dress the E.P. in sleek Techno vibrations that are bound to reimagine the genre as we know it. Sean Raya’s E.P. is out in-stores now: get your headphones ready and prepare to be astonished. 

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Relentless Beats: Binary Hertz Preview, Signs Up Donald Glaude and Arietta for New E.P. by candelaria alvarado

"With the combination of Arietta’s slick interpretations and contributions to the field of drum + bass, and Donald Glaude’s veteran award-winning spirit, it’s a forecast telling us there could be sick music coming up in the works very soon.  Keep an eye on not only the dynamic duo, Binary Hertz, but their good friends Arietta and Donald Glaude as well, for these previews are definitely going to deliver a tweaked out super-track. As you can tell, the story of Binary Hertz is still being written, and these previews are very telling that new tracks are going to hit the dancefloor month-to-month with quick impact."

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Earmilk on The Maya Spectra by candelaria alvarado

" electrical dreamlike soundscape rich with complex rhythms and delicate melodies. Utilizing frenetic percussion, rapid oscillating chord progressions and oriental sounding instrumentation the group creates a laid back sound that is something like a more soulful futuristic electronic sister band to El Paso based experimental rock band The Mars Volta."

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