Life Support Machine on Proper Thirteen's 13th Hour EP / by candelaria alvarado

Proper Thirteen – The 13th Hour EP

by Sid Wesley 

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Proper Thirteen are a somewhat unlikely combination of Dj Louder and Arietta. Unlikely because of their choices in musical styles. Dj Louder has been creating mayhem out on the American underground circuit for well over a decade now with his high energy Dubstep and Breaks sets and with his own production work. Arietta on the other hand has become an accomplished Classical and Jazz musician who has trained to become fluent in many instruments whilst also finding time to compose music.

So, does combining the high energy peak time dance sound with a more Classical sound work? You bet your ass it does! This 4 track EP called ‘ The 13th Hour ‘ is packed full of big beats and bass from Dj Louder with the delicate touches from Arietta and it really works. It’s a must try this one and you’ll be pleased you did!