Anima Artist Management's RESIST Project is a series of 3 EP's to be released in Spring/Summer of 2017. Our hope is to bring awareness to the overall current political climate in the US. This first series focuses specifically on three issues that are close to the heart for each of the respective artists: Terrorism, Discrimination, and Environmental Issues.

"We believe that activism means communication with those we can reach and make an impact on - in the way that resonates with all parties. As producers, this is how we can bring awareness to issues that we believe need continued support, to the community closest to us: the electronic music world." states Arietta, founder of the AAM collective.

She says, "Growing up in a low-income, minority, neighborhood while attending a rich, private, catholic elementary, I experienced discriminatory actions on a daily basis. Moving forward into adulthood, gaining awareness, and watching the current, turbulent political climate it's hard to say things have hardly gotten better. We shouldn't have to hide our religion or race, identify ourselves, or explain why we love someone, it's 2017."

Violence and terrorism is real but for what purpose? WYGHT states, "Watching these random acts of violence across the world is scary, sickening and sad. It seems like the worst thing imaginable until you see the actions of few become the engine to a hate machine. We all know terrorism is real, but it's become the ultimate boogyman scare. There's no explanation to use random acts of violence to justify your agenda of cruelty and hatred." There's a proper time to stand up, break the rules, and disrupt the engine - we hope that time is fueled by love and the well-being of all life and the planet.

In our contemporary landscape, the natural beauty is becoming foreign. There is so much disconnect between the earth and it's inhabitants that there are masses of people that see nothing wrong with destroying it. Jeremy Miller from Binary Hertz states that "these people see some land, sometimes sacred to their fellow humans, being used for a potential pipeline and see an opportunity for financial benefit. We don't need to conquer the earth, we should work together with it and find sustainable solutions for both our benefit and it's conservation. Our human race has the technology and minds to accomplish this." We hope that through this project we can make more people aware of what our actions are causing this earth, and realize that this is the only planet we have.

Each EP consists of an original track, with remixes from the other 2 artists, and then a special guest producer's remix. These are to be released through digital outlets online, with an option to purchase on Bandcamp where all proceeds will go directly to various organizations announced a few weeks before the EP release.

Terrorism: "Bring It" - WYGHT

Discrimination: "In The Air" - Arietta

Environmental: "Dusted" - Binary Hertz


Artwork by Brandon Mendez / 120dB Photography

Video by Tony Perea