The Maya Spectra


"an electrical dreamlike soundscape rich with complex rhythms and delicate melodies" - EarMilk

Brothers Donald and Julian Peña, along with Janel Blanco on vocals, comprise The Maya Spectra, an emerging independent electronic trio hailing from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Although the brothers originally focused on jazz while studying in Arizona, a friend convinced them to transfer to the Santa Fe University of Art and Design where they were introduced to fellow bandmate, Janel Blanco. Although the newly formed trio intended merely to play together for spare cash while they studied, introducing original music to their repertoire quickly transformed the group into one of creation: new songs and new sounds, especially once they discovered their mutual love for electronic music.

At first melding their new inspiration with their familiar acoustic sound, The Maya Spectra -- also newly named -- made the decision to fully steep themselves into the electronic world so as to satisfy what became their artistic vision. Stripping their collection of songs to their barest skeletons of lyrics, melodies, and harmonies, the band reconstructed their entire body of work, resulting in their exciting debut EP, Music Box: produced and mixed by The Maya Spectra themselves.