Volume 1: "BRing IT" by WYGHT

Volume One available now on Bandcamp and Beatport.

Facing the first release in the series, “Bring It” will contain remixes with Arietta, Binary Hertz, and Laffit Rivas, and will be released in honor of the victims of terrorism, and all of who have affected by it. WYGHT believes this is the best track to release to the project as an E.P., for it is an “in-your-face” track that is almost inviting us as civilians to rise up against the rising tide of terror and violence.

There is no question that terrorism has many causes and effects, but WYGHT’s beliefs center around the fact that we are all members of this planet, and have a significant responsibility for tolerance, lack of submission, and a freedom of expression. Many acts of terror are caused by religious differences, political climates, and public outcry, but WYGHT is dedicating this E.P. to all those who have suffered under the harsh conditions these acts have provided. “Bring It” will bring awareness to challenge those who spread the hate, and displays all the strengths we need to provide peace. WYGHT’s song may be fire on the dancefloor, but it will be a piece of the bigger puzzle through the release’s intention, as well as further inspiring and educating the activist in all of us when the neon lights go black.